Turmeric and Honey Clay Mask

Turmeric and Honey Clay Mask

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Reduce the appearance of scars and get rid of dark spots/pigmentation with our brightening and healing Turmeric and Honey Clay Mask.


Each pouch contains approximately 6-8 applications (maybe even more!). 


Why Sell as a Powder?

Pre-made facial masks sold in stores require a large amount of chemicals (preservatives and more) that are potentially harmful to the skin to preserve it for a long shelf use. We sell our clay masks in powder form to keep our products as natural as possible. 


How to Use

Add a small amount of the clay mask to a bowl or to your hands and slowly add water, milk, or yogurt. Then, mix until the mask is thick. 

Apply to dry skin. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse well with warm water. Pat skin dry and follow with a face moisturizer or beauty oil.

*Please keep in mind that turmeric is a natural, yellow colorant. If your mask is too runny or not mixed well, it can turn your skin yellow. To remove yellow stain, simply wash your skin with a cleanser and follow with a cotton pad with facial toner.



Turmeric, Organic Honey Powder, Kaolin Clay