Exfoliating Soap Saving Pouch
Exfoliating Soap Saving Pouch

Exfoliating Soap Saving Pouch

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Save the last bits of your soap and make your washing experience more relaxing and enjoyable with our Exfoliating Soap Savers! These soap saver bags are perfect for using your soap bars until the very end while also exfoliating your skin with each use.

Our exfoliating soap savers are made from ramie, which is a natural fibre that has the perfect texture to gently exfoliate the skin. Because the exfolion is so gentle, they can be used everyday.

They have a cotton drawstring which allows you to keep the saver closed and also conveniently hang them for easy storage and drying between each use.


To Use

Put in your favorite soap (or the tiny scraps of all the other soaps you never finished), close the drawstring, wet with water, and begin washing! After each use, wash off excess soap and hang to dry.

The recommended use is four weeks maximum with a soap saver before replacing.