Chiara Skin LLC was created to provide a source of income for our CEO, Kiara, when her full-time job shut down during the pandemic. She had been working in the spa industry for years and unbeknownst to herself, was learning how to create her own business in the esthetics industry during all that time!

Chiara is the Italian spelling of our CEO's name, Kiara. She chose to go with the Italian spelling because she came across it during a darker time in her life when she felt completely lost and alone.
Chiara (pronounced KEE-AH-RAH) means "bright," which is why we focus our brand on making you "shine brighter than ever."



It took Kiara a year to make the decision to incorporate her island roots into her brand. She made the decision after moving to Washington and experiencing a huge culture shock.

When she moved from Guam to California, she didn't experience much of a shock as there were still sunny skies (no typhoons!), high temps (without the humidity of course), palm trees (no coconuts though), and oceans within miles (but... not down the street). She still felt at home.

When she moved to Washington, however, where they experience all four seasons and the ocean is hundreds of miles away and there is not one tall palm tree in sight, she felt a little out of sorts.

So she made the decision to incorporate her culture into her branding to feel a bit more at home and not lose sight of who she was.

It's been the best decision she's ever made so far.